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Sand and Celestial Light

Sand and Celestial Light

Sand is made up of silica oxide, tiny crystals.

It draws the Sun. It draws Yang. It draws heat and light. This is why the desert gets so hot and the beach sand gets so hot on your feet.

Drawing the sun/yang actually draws the celestial realms, Heaven (Tian). 

The Light (Heaven) is related to the light in our hearts. The dark (Earth) is related to the dark in the Kidneys. The dark in the kidneys is the primal yin force, from which all things are born.When people are depicted with halos, which is light, it means that the light of Heaven had made it into their hearts. They were compassionate. Light beings are compassionate.

We can work with sand to draw the light.

We can place it on the Earth in places that need light. We can place it on our alters to draw light, or in bowls to draw in the light.

We can clear and recharge certain crystals in a bowl of sand out in the sun. We can place a picture of someone we are praying for on a bed of sand, to draw the light. We can make the ground of our sacred spot made of sand, to call in the light. 

Crystals that respond beautifully to clearing in the yang light (a bowl of sand) are ones who need that silica oxide to balance out their yin/yang polarization.

These include non silicates like:

- oxides (hematite, magnetite, etc.)

- phosphates (turquoise, apatite, etc.)

- carbonates (calcite, rhodocrosite, etc.)

- sulfates (gypsum, celestite)

- there are many more

Remember that silica makes intention (thought,light) manifest. This is at the crux of prayer with the natural elements. 

Collect some sand to work with the next time you are at the water’s edge. 

(photo credit Annegret Janovsky. Organic sand from Ireland)

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