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Shungite, An Acupuncturist's Perspective

Shungite, An Acupuncturist's Perspective

Shungite was not included in ancient Chinese medicinal literature because they didn’t have the stone. Trade routes to Russia hadn’t opened yet! I am sure ancient people in the Karelia area were using it at that time, but as far as we know, the Chinese Daoists did not have it. 

As a practitioner of Chinese medicine, however, we can adapt what we know about shungite into a Chinese medicine framework. Without getting all shop-talky on you, let me just give you some tips on how I use it as an acupuncturist.

  • 1) Shungite and Kidney 1 are like oreos and milk. 
  • Kidney 1 is the only acupuncture point on the bottom of the foot. Get a big piece of medical or scotch tape and tape a piece of polished (for comfort) shungite strongly up against the point.
    Leave this on for the whole healing, or during any kind of practice. It’s very grounding and opens the energy of the entire body up to the energy of the Earth. It has a great energetic point of contact with the earth star chakra, too. It also can drain the body of toxicity or decharge the body of qi in the field that is not serving. This is an easy powerful practice for those feeling spacey, ungrounded, dizzy, or “too full.”

    Kidney 1 is called Bubbling Spring because it is the source of deep power - the first bubbles from a deep well of power and potential. So this application can be very life-giving and power-pumping. 

  • 2) Shungite and the xi cleft points are like peanut butter and jelly. 
  • Xi cleft points are points on the meridians that treat acute issues. Injuries, infections, anything painful or intense and happening in the moment. Shungite has an affinity with them. It seems to enter into these points and work on the associated organ through them. It can be taped onto these points. Sometimes, even when you don’t place shungite on these points, it will find its way into them from wherever you did place it. For a guide on finding the xi cleft points on each meridian, put “acupuncture point location guide” into your search engine and use the ones you resonate with and like looking at. Type “xi cleft points” in from there for your results. 

    3) The best shungite body treatment in the whole world just might be the simplest one. 

    Holding shungite in both hands (best would be slightly bigger polished pieces) and simply letting it be there for a while, allows the power/energy/qi of the shungite to start moving up the arms and into the body. It will move into certain points, move into certain pathways, break things up, and send clearing energy from points to organs and points to other tissues or body parts. Allowing it move through the body in its own way, with its own intelligence is fascinating. 

    If you don’t feel anything at first, try working with even bigger pieces if you had small ones. Also have patience, and be open to things happening that I did not describe. Trust your own feeling and your own process. 

    A few more point suggestions for shungite based on my clinical experience with it - 

    Liver 5, Spleen 9, Du 5

    Extraordinary Meridians - Du Mai and Dai Mai

    Shungite also has countless elixir and vibrational (gridwork) applications. We will save those for another time.