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About Sarah Thomas, LAc

Sarah Thomas, LAc (they/them, she/her)(and known to many as Starwolf) is a inspired non-binary healer and educator. Sarah owns Clarity Acupuncture in Asheville, NC where they performed well over 10,000 stone and needle hybrid treatments since its inception in 2009.

They built the Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine back in 2013, as a platform to guide and inspire students in the ways of true spirit-centered Chinese medicine, along with the depths of philosophies, the breadths of strategies, and ultimately the heart-awakening Wu ( Wu=beyond language, consciousness-based healing) of working with stones to heal.

Throughout years of teaching live certification courses, speaking at national conferences, certifying students in 9-week online stone medicine trainings, and traveling the world in search of the most powerful stones on Earth, Sarah was asked countless innumerable times,

"But, where do I GET that stone you're talking about?"

And, for years, Sarah would direct her students to her most trusted sources. But, those sources weren't always readily available. 

Slowly, Sarah started bringing stones to class to share. Then flats. Then several flats.

That was the beginning of the Clarity Crystal Shop.

Sarah is the owner of the shop and the collector and curator of all the stones in our collection. They hand-pick every stone in our shop, testing it for available chi and life-force.

Gridding with students

The shop just kept growing, because we realized that students and practitioners love having a source for stones that are:

- always all natural (no heat-treatments, dyes or synthetics of any kind are sold here)

- hand-selected (yes, every last stone) by an expert practitioner and teacher who can feel the stone's ability to heal and desire to participate

- collected with love and reverence, sourced through real relationships with rockhounders and ethical collectors, and photographed and packed with real care

- backed with solid, grounded and reliable educational information

We also kept going because we are having fun. We love this.

And, we know that it's important that we change and evolve the human-stone relationship from within the current, sometimes painful, crystal system.

We will keep educating, loving, and treasuring you, the stones, and the Earth until we all find unity.

No matter where you are in the world, you can take a training with Sarah at The Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine.


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