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Azurite Power Piece - 035
Azurite Power Piece - 035
Azurite Power Piece - 035
Azurite Power Piece - 035

Azurite Power Piece - 035


Description: This listing is for the exact Azurite power piece pictured.

Weight: Approx.  9 grams

Size: Approx. 23.4mm x 25.5mm x 20.9mm


Come for the color, stay for the power. Siberia levels of power! You will rarely see azurite minerals this exquisite in this day and age. We travel the Earth for stones, and we know that this level of quality is simply getting ever more rare. When these ones go, it could be years until we find something this beautiful again.

Azurite is the quintessential stone of rebirth, resurrection, and regeneration. It can bring anything back to life. It is the Dragon and the Phoenix coming together to fly as One. Azurite holds the potential for pure sacred union, pure alchemy, pure creativity, and pure POWER. The only thing it needs to activate is you.


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