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Colombian Lemurian Seed Quartz ✨ 096


This listing is for one special piece of Colombian Lemurian Seed Quartz

This is from a small group of hand-selected crystals chosen for copious external striations reflecting internal records, knowledge and stored frequency. Ancient cultures lived by the Hermetic principle “As within, so without,” and saw crystals with external striated lines as storehouses of knowledge, somewhat like the pages in a book. 

These record-keeper crystals are called Seed crystals because they are believed to have been planted by the ancient culture of Light beings we now call Lemurians. The crystals would store the ancient wisdom for future generations to one day unlock. All you have to do is hold this crystal and go within. Records within the crystal and within you will begin to open. 

These crystals can also be used in Akashic Record sessions, soul retrieval, 8 extraordinary meridian work, past-life regression and any other healing work intended to reveal hidden knowledge or information, or to make the unconscious conscious. 

Lemurian Seed crystals often pair with you on a Soul level and you may feel like you want to stay close with it and evolve together. Some say when a seed crystal comes to us, it is because we ourselves created it in another timeline or reality, and sent it to ourselves in this reality as a kind of time capsule with gifts of remembrance, or specific DNA activations within.

Lemurian Seed crystals are mainly from Brazil and Colombia. The Colombians have great clarity, (Shang Qing), exceptional light storage, and are able to pick up and transduce very high frequencies. Think of them like 528 hz and up, all the way to 963hz. This special crystal is from Penas Blancas Mine which stands at a very high elevation in the mountains.

These stones are not dyed or heat treated. 

International customers are responsible for any customs fees/import taxes

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