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 This listing is the ETC Essential Collection, “The Most Complete Kit”

✨All products marked “ETC” are reserved for purchase by new Enter the Cave students due to limited supply.✨

This kit Includes 24 stones, 1 piece of each: 

Emerald, Labradorite, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Morganite, Rhodochrosite, Aquamarine, Moonstone, Clear Quartz, Ruby, Hematite, Malachite, Jade, Serpentine, Green tourmaline, Garnet, Mica, Kyanite, Smokey quartz, Cinnabar, Sunstone, Obsidian, Opal, Sulfur. 

Does not include from course materia medica: Azurite, Sugilite, Watermelon Tourmaline. (These stones are available as ETC ESSENTIAL COLLECTIONS INDIVIDUALLY)  

Mineral Descriptions for the stones in this kit:  

Bright Emerald Stone - These are small emerald pieces with bright natural greens. Affordable for our kits (emerald is one of the top 4 most valued minerals on Earth), untreated, and just enough good medicine for elixirs, grids, medicine bags, or the body. 

Labradorite SuperFlash Small Slabs - These are natural and rough on one side and polished to reveal lightning flash on the other. They are the highest grade labradorite (Noble elite Labradorite!) from Madagascar. These are purposeful in countless land and body applications. Work them in feeding your land (saying Thank You), sharing them with some of your potted plants, or sleeping with them under the covers. There are so many variations of light and color in these. 

Rough Raw Wild Rose Quartz - Love in the wild! This is how the Earth made rose quartz. Raw and ready, this is the highest quality rough natural untreated Madagascar rose quartz. These are perfect for bodywork, elixir work, and gridwork. 

Natural Citrine - This is a dark honey-colored natural citrine crystal from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in central Africa. Citrine, like amethyst, is one of the most commonly heated stones. Finding natural citrine is special. This is the perfect harmonizer for treatments and formulas created to gather, magnetize, strengthen, uplift, center, ground or tonify. It has an enormously supportive action on the spleen and stomach. Pull it out when you need support with digestion, memory, focus, (focus is HUGE in materialization and manifestation inner practices), nourishment, support, and allowing yourself to receive. Yes, remember to let IN the good qi around you.

Morganite Crystal Pieces from Madagascar - These are gemmy, crystalline morganites, but not whole crystals (which keeps the price way down) and you still get great medicinal qi, and a much higher quality than rocky morganite. Great for your pure quartz test tube, for placing in a medicine bag, or on the body.

Rhodocrosite Polished Stones  - These join us from Argentina and are beautiful natural stone paintings with deep pinks, magentas, light browns and cream colors in unique compositions.

Aquamarine Crystal Pieces from Brazil - These have an exceptional blue color for natural aquamarine. They are not full crystals so they keep the cost down (aquamarine crystals are very highly valued). You still get great medicinal qi, and a much higher quality than rocky aquamarine. Great for your pure quartz test tube, for placing in a medicine bag, or on the body.

Black Moonstone Palm Stone - These are unique and flashy brown/ black/ silver moonstone polishes from the cliffs of Madagascar. Moonstone is already very yin. Dark moonstone is one of the most yin stones out there. Go within.

Himalayan Mountain Clear Quartz - We desired to put something special in your kit when it came to quartz and the Universe answered. These are from high in the western ranges of the Himalayan mountains on the border of Pakistan. They’ve got traces of chlorite to keep things pure and the most elevated light yang qi. Take one before we change our minds, we are so in love.

Ruby - Solid hexagonal pillars of pure ruby corundum from Guinea, these semi-translucent gemmy crystals are perfect for elixirs or the body. They’re untreated, pure and make a powerful impact. 

Raw Hematite - From the iron mines of Northern Michigan, we receive these heavy and natural, red and deep metallic greys. Hematite is an important stone for beginners to feel and experience in this raw natural form. 

Natural Malachite Polish - This is an extremely unique bunch of hand-selected malachite moments. No two are even close to the same, and a special little world comes alive in each polish.

Wyoming Jade  - We LOVE Wyoming Jade and are thrilled to have this in these kits! Some pieces are dark green, some are peach, some are light green or a mix of all of it. Rough real jade (untreated) is not widely available and a real treat. Trust the piece that comes to you. 

Rough Serpentine - Serpentine is California’s state rock. Yours will be natural (of course), and green or dark green. It’s a powerful and purifying stone with lots of power held within given by Mother Earth. 

Trapiche Uvite Green Tourmaline - Powerful and rare green tourmaline in a deep otherworldly green. Trapiche means they form with a radiating star of inclusions between growth sectors. If you sliced your piece, you would see a star of light. These are from Madagascar and will go deep into whatever you apply them to. 

North Carolina Garnets - These are from the collection of a local rockhounder who spent much of his time with his hands in the Earth at the Poovey Mine. He passed these on to us, so they’ve hardly been touched. They have a rough, heavy, deep medicine natural feeling, with edges in a magenta light. Each one is an individual crystal, and the crystal structure is hidden inside.

Hurricane Mountain Mica - Hurricane Mountain in Western North Carolina is one side kyanite and the other side mica. We collected these beautiful pure mica pieces ourselves with many gifts and offerings. Let’s all bring it into the world for healing. 

Blue Kyanite BladeS - Classic blue kyanite blades with integrity. Ready to create networks connecting a myriad of spaces and times.

Himalayan Mountain Smoky Quartz - These are pure magic. It is utterly rare to find smoky quartz this dark is natural and untreated. These are from high in the western ranges of the Himalayan mountains on the border of Pakistan. Such an incredibly special gift. They’re something I’ve never come across before and may never again. 

Cinnabar in Opal - description is below -make sure it doesn’t talk too directly about stones for the 8 ex. Please add “from the Silver Cloud Mine in Nevada.” 

Raw Sunstone - Wow. Lots of small flashes of red and orange schiller in a rough untreated chunk of sunstone. These are from India and are rarely found in this natural form, just as the Earth made them. 

Rainbow Obsidian Partial Polish - You’ll have a good palmful of a very unique and beautiful obsidian cut - half polished, half rough. In the polished faces you’ll see the currents of rainbow in the darkness. 

Welo Ethiopian Opal - Multicolored pure opal we’re so lucky to have because it’s becoming more rare. Every single piece is magically unique. Your kit could contain yellow, white, black, orange, red or even green. Whatever becomes yours, know it’s the best in the world. Follow the energy.

Bolivia Sulfur Crystal  - Pure sulfur in crystalline form. Crystals are suited to work in the depths of our souls and at the level of consciousness. What a sacred and poignant transformational tool. 

These stones are not dyed or heat treated. 

We unfortunately can not take requests for individual stones seen in the pictures.

All orders ship from the US within 14 days. 

International customers are responsible for any customs fees/import taxes

Please contact elliot at with any questions.

🔮All products marked ✨“ETC”✨ are reserved for purchase by new Enter the Cave students due to limited supply.🔮


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