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Golden Ratio Applied Scalar Pyramid (G.R.A.S.P.) DIY Kit

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Scalar Pyramids You Build Yourself.

The Golden Ratio Applied Scalar Pyramid (G.R.A.S.P.)Do It Yourself  Kits are Sustainable Scalar Technology for the coming Golden Age!

When you receive your kit, you can build it as a meditation-sized pyramid or a charger-sized pyramid.  You choose.

These kits are built with extremely exact dimensions and specified non-conductive materials that, when built by you, become scalar antennas.

Scalar energy coalesces strongly in the center of the pyramid. Anything you place in the center, whether it's yourself, medicines, plants, cats (they love these), or crystals, soaks in a field of powerfully regenerative scalar energy.

This energy accelerates consciousness, augments dreaming and intuition, enhances the ability to manifest, and pulls synchronicity and miracles into your life.

How? Scalar energy (sometimes called qi, prana, ether or zero-point energy) is drawn in from a higher octave of reality. It's aligned to the higher consciousness that lives in your heart.

Meditate inside a G.R.A.S.P. and experience being able to drop in faster and go deeper. Your ability to connect with Source, higher states, Angels, Ancestors and Spirit Guides becomes refined and accelerated.

I have found that placing crystals inside the pyramid can completely clear and reset them, while adding a frequency of limitless regeneration and potentials that... we really don't even know how to ask for. This can also be done with medicine, supplements, or even pure water. The pyramid will charge them all with higher frequency. This is all done easily inside the charger-sized pyramid.

This is all fully dependent on the specific dimensions already built into the kit, the full spectrum of non-conductive materials we use, and the SHAPE POWER of this exact pyramidal shape.

After ordering kits from the very first creators of these from Eastern Europe, I was able to experiment with them and experience their power. But, they were very expensive and shipping took forever.

And, in order to start building, I had to order specialty piping from specialty plumbing factories. These pipes had to be shipped in long pieces on huge trucks, and in large orders, so the cost got even higher. I knew there could be a better way.

I decided to hire an engineer (actually, an Angel in the form of a math genius) and together we co-created an even better scalar pyramid. We even altered the equations to include the golden ratio in their already effective and well-researched dimensions. THIS IS WHERE IT'S AT! In fact, this creates a field of golden spiralized energy that is the hallmark of transcending the limits of our known consciousness.

I also found bio-degradable materials to make the kits from, and we widened the holes on the parts to be able to fit common PVC piping you can easily get from your local hardware store. And, we make these right here in Asheville, NC, USA.

The result is a fun-to-make, affordable, precise and powerful scalar antenna.

What will you experience inside yours? I predict it will be an even more authentic, congruent, focused, still, psychic and loving version of yourself. The real you. Inside a pyramid.

 What you receive when you order your kit:

- the kit itself (5 parts)

- easy instructions on how to build your pyramid

- a hologram Authentic GRASP sticker with your pyramid's original number of creation

- a GRASP logo sticker

- several small non-conductive specialty screws

What you'll get at the hardware store to build your pyramid:

Bring a corner piece of your pyramid to the hardware store to get the right size PVC

- some PVC piping (size and amount is in the building instructions)

- a pair of PVC pipe-cutters

- measuring tape and a marker


Where to Find Easy Instructions on How to Build Yours:

Hop over to the Pyramid page in the navigation for this website. You'll see a link to a short video tutorial there.

What else do I get?:

You get a free mini-class on scalar pyramids and everything you can do with yours! You'll find that at the Pyramid page on this site.


All orders ship from the US within 14 days.

While supplies last.

International customers are responsible for any customs fees/import taxes.

Please see our Lost Package Policy prior to placing your order. 

Please contact elliot at with any questions.


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