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Indigo Gabbro Palm Stone Pair
Indigo Gabbro Palm Stone Pair
Indigo Gabbro Palm Stone Pair
Indigo Gabbro Palm Stone Pair

Indigo Gabbro Palm Stone Pair


Description:  This listing is for a pair of Indigo Gabbro Palm Stones. 


Become calm and magnetic. This stone absorbs the fried electrical and Wifi energy coming out of our phones, computers, cell towers and other electrical devices. It also restores the energy to a pure balanced yin/yang state of energy known as the BG3 vibrational wavelength in Egyptian Biogeometry. This is a very good thing. 

This stone is like a real orgone scalar device. Being chemically identical to Basalt, which has the highest amount of monatomic elements of any rock type, we can see why it’s so generative and life-giving. It’s particularly good for chaos, the inability to focus, and overwhelm in people and environments. Keep one in areas with high wifi use or electricity, like your desktop or one in each palm for better sleep. 

Policies and Disclaimers:

All of our stones and crystals are pure and natural. They are free from synthetic treatments of any kind, including dyes, stabilizers, and synthetic heat treatments to enhance color.

We can not take requests for individual stones seen in the pictures.


International customers are responsible for any customs fees/import taxes.


Please see our Lost Package Policy prior to placing your order. 

Please contact us at with any questions.

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