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About the Clarity Crystal Shop

The Clarity Crystal Shop started as demonstration stones in our stone medicine trainings being shared with students at the end of class.

Students wanted more, so we made more and more available to them.

This was always, and still is, rooted in education.

The shop grew to a small online store, because we realized that students and practitioners love having a source for stones that are:

- of the absolute highest quality. This shop is not about finding the cheapest stone. It's about stones with massive healing potential and qi. These are stones you'll pass down to those who come after you

- always all natural. No heat-treatments, dyes or synthetics of any kind are sold here because these treatments can be detrimental to us

- hand-selected (yes, every last stone) by an expert practitioner and teacher who can feel the stone's ability to heal and desire to participate

- collected with love and reverence, and sourced through sustainable practices and real relationships with rockhounders and ethical collectors

- truly loved as they are collected, photographed and prepped for packaging, and supported by amazing customer service

- backed with solid, grounded and reliable educational information. We can't think of any other shop that has a practitioner with as much experience as Sarah at the helm

We also kept going because we are having fun.

Sarah has been traveling to the largest gem shows on Earth for over 10 years now. Relationships with the most outstanding rockhounders has been cultivated over time. Those relationships are the bedrock of this shop. Along with YOU - our beloved customers -those who truly desire to heal and awaken with stones.

And, we know that it's important that we change and evolve the human-stone relationship from within the current, sometimes painful, crystal system.

We will keep educating, loving, and treasuring you, the stones, and the Earth until we all find unity.

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