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Blue Mist Quartz Pair - 008
Blue Mist Quartz Pair - 008
Blue Mist Quartz Pair - 008
Blue Mist Quartz Pair - 008

Blue Mist Quartz Pair - 008


Description: This listing is for the exact Blue Mist Quartz Pair pictured.

Weight for pair: approx. 30g 


This is a limited, hand-selected collection of blue mist quartz pairings. Our dear friend of many years brings these from Columbia for us. He has been working with the crystals in the earth there since he was a young boy. “Blue mist” means that there is a milky, ghostly, ethereal imprint in the center of the crystal that looks like a blue mist. Blue mist crystals are good for the blood and fluids. They bring a depth of meaning, nourishment and shen (spirit) to your process. These rare blue mists have always been some of my favorites because they also have a beautiful orange iron dusting on the base. The blue mist combined with the orange dusting creates complimentary colors and balancing opposite energies. The ethereal shen field of the blue mist is grounded and balanced by the nourishing iron. These are Colombian Blue Mist quartz you can count on to bring lovely vibrational healing along with a grounded, calming energy. They have always felt like they want to work with at least one other of their kind, so we offer them in pairs. Try working with them on the body, opposite each other.


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