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Elixir Kit #03. Love Heals All Kit


1 Rare Magenta Iowaite Crystal + 1 Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal + 1 Fluorescent Ruby Crystal

Detailed descriptions of each crystal are below. These crystals are rough natural crystals with no synthetic treatments. They were all hand selected and all fit into the New Larger Pure Quartz Test Tube product here in this shop. We recommend obtaining that test tube for use with your kit.

Because this is Nature, no two pieces are the same. We can not provide exact uniformity across kits. Allow yourself to be surprised by the unique crystals you receive. Purchase this kit if you are prepared to love what arrives on your doorstep.

This kit contains 1 of each crystal 

These crystals offer a lifetime of limitless apothecary. A complete guide to safety and efficacy can be found in our course Making Stone Elixirs and Formularies. Remember, one crystal makes a lifetime of elixir. Note that images showing several of each crystal in the box are photographed that way to attempt to convey color, detail and vibration of the kit more clearly through the virtual image. This kit contains 1 of each crystal. We can not provide specific stones seen in the pictures. 

These crystals are some of the best in the world. These kits are of limited quantity. 

Rare Magenta Iowaite
From the Altai Mountain Range in Siberia, this is a hearty crystal in more ways that one. The purple/magenta coloring is rare in this mineral and brings the MgFe strength to the Heart/Kidney axis. This also includes chlorine, which gives it a note of purification in the heart. It also includes 4 H20s in its composition, so the water content and softness make it magically accessible. You can feel it working with your qi just by wanding it over the skin without touching it. It works fast. It’s strengthening and purifying, tangible and intangible. Like a Swiss army knife for your heart - pull out any tool you need.

Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal Slice

This pink center, green rind watermelon tourmaline is a powerful stimulator for the physical and spiritual heart. They are amazing in elixirs. These are completely natural tourmaline crystals, simply sliced like a loaf of bread. This allows us to receive the energy by making it more affordable, and even more importantly, by allowing us to see and take in the watermelon coloring. These crystals are from Brazil. This mine is full of other heart minerals like lepidolite and pink tourmaline. The Brazilian woman selling these shared with me that living over these heart-centered minerals may be part of what gives the Brazilian people their music, joy, dancing and laughter. Truly, this is a little piece of the Earth’s heart. Handle with Love. Share the Love. 

Fluorescent Ruby Crystal

These are natural ruby crystals from one of the the ruby capitals of the world, Franklin, North Carolina. The photo you see of them glowing is taken in a dark room. It was so dark, I could see nothing in the tray, until I shined the UV flashlight over these crystals. Then they GLOW the most beautiful glowing bright red! The chromium in them causes them to fluoresce naturally. Ruby has a long and storied tradition of being one of the great Master magicians of the crystal world. And now it’s glowing! It’s used to enhance mystical powers. It’s also incredible for strengthening the heart, and trusting in your own heart and love. Ruby is one of the top 4 most valued crystals on Earth and will add glowing power to whatever you bring to it. Great for use on acupuncture points or in elixirs. 


We unfortunately can not take requests for individual stones seen in the pictures.

All orders ship from the US within 14 days.

While supplies last.

International customers are responsible for any customs fees/import taxes.

Please contact elliot at with any questions.

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