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Elmwood 434. Calcite
Elmwood 434. Calcite

Elmwood 434. Calcite


Description:  This listing is for the exact Elmwood Mine specimen pictured.

Weight: Approx. 1.02 kg


These could be the most significant minerals on Earth for healers. That’s a big statement, I know. These teach healers what minerals are capable of. They teach healers what medicinal crystals really feel like. They bring healers up into their resonance, becoming more than a healing ally, but an educational and evolutionary process for healers themselves. When you begin to learn from one of these, you begin to gain consciousness about all other stones on Earth.

The Elmwood Mine in Tennessee is the only place in the world that produces these exquisite living beings. Sphalerite is highly valued among healers for its unparalleled strength in clearing AND building as well as its superior potency in clearing entities. This is called Ruby Jack Sphalerite because the transparent crystals are blood red, or ruby colored. Fluorite is extraordinary in its ability to clear at the deepest levels of being including DNA, bone and soul-level conditioning. Barite has a softer yin quality and creates a very unique frequency of Wholeness. Calcite is important in clearing subtle energy fields and entities as well as transducing spiritual light into electromagnetic fields.

Value and pricing of individual specimens is based on the size of the crystals, rarity of detailed geological formations on each piece, the subtle variants within rate of dispersion for each piece (How sparkly it is), and the special combinations of minerals  on some pieces.

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