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Emperor Malachite - 059
Emperor Malachite - 059
Emperor Malachite - 059
Emperor Malachite - 059

Emperor Malachite - 059


Description: This listing is for the exact Emperor Malachite pictured.

Weight: Approx. 38g


In walks the Emperor of all Malachite, direct from the Shilu Mine of China. These are the most beautiful alchemically evolved pieces we have ever had the chance to gather and share. 

Malachite is one of the top ten most mentioned stones in the first and earliest legitimate stone formula materia medicas out of China. It was included in many formulas for disease and epidemics, and also included in some of the most spiritual and alchemical formulas of the time. Malachite has a potent unique frequency. It draws in the beholder. Like a dragon, it is powerful, shapeshifting, and can be a very important ally in the more intense, alchemical, or transformational moments of your life. We named them Emperor Malachite because they are the King, the apex of malachite achievement!, the fine cigar or aged scotch of the malachite experience! True aficionados will love their specimen. You can feel the energy of it from across the room!

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