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Euphoralite  (Rare Red Dragon)  020
Euphoralite  (Rare Red Dragon)  020
Euphoralite  (Rare Red Dragon)  020
Euphoralite  (Rare Red Dragon)  020

Euphoralite (Rare Red Dragon) 020


Description:  This listing is for the exact Rare Red Dragon Euphoralite pictured.


Rare Red Dragon Euphoralite may contain the following minerals:  Pyrite, Garnet, Byatite, Black Tourmaline, Lithium, Mica, Quartz, & Feldspar.

Euphoralite is a name for a group of minerals found together in one chimney dike mine in the Black Hills area of South Dakota. Minerals at the mine include Garnet, Black Tourmaline, Blue Tourmaline, Mica, Feldspar, Purple Lepidolite, Yellow Lepidolite and many others. The minerals may have formed as long ago as 2.8 billion years. 

The mine is located in a sacred area. The indigenous people of the land including the Lakota, Dakota, and Cheyenne held many of the surrounding mountains and caves as Holy. The Lakota believe the Black Hills are the center of the world. This tells us, they are, in some way, an energetic center. 

There are a finite number of these Euphoralite minerals. They are very healing stones that also create shifts in consciousness. They were named by their discoverer, Gary, because when he found the mine, feelings of love, peace and acceptance came over him. 

When a stone is what it is because of the place it is from, there will be one current of energy running through every piece. Like a group mind or oversoul energy that comes through each piece. 

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