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Sunstone - 061
Sunstone - 061
Sunstone - 061
Sunstone - 061

Sunstone - 061


Description: This listing is for the exact Sunstone pictured.

Weight: Approx. 267g


These are rough, natural minerals perfect for healing and on-the-body treatments and activations. Sunstone carries one of the highest spiritual energies of any stone in the mineral kingdom. Throughout human history it has been revered among many cultures as a storehouse of Divine Light and Divine Love. Divine Love is unconditional. There is no judgment whatsoever within it. There is only mercy, grace and forgiveness. Imagine being unconditionally loved. Imagine the greatest block on the spiritual path, self-judgment, being gently melted away by an infinitely loving warm light. Humanity has far to go in our journey with unconditional love. Sunstone patiently guides us on that journey, entraining us to its consciousness, transmuting the programs of self-judgment, and shining the Light on the path home to Love.

These unpolished Sunstones are ethically sourced from a legendary land in South India and grew up next to our Iolite listing. You can see small amounts of Iolite in some of these Sunstones.

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All of our stones and crystals are pure and natural. They are free from synthetic treatments of any kind, including dyes, stabilizers, and synthetic heat treatments to enhance color.


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