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Sunstone Moonstone, Kit of 5


This listing is for a kit of 5 polished Sunstone Moonstones: Small or Large

This rare gem-quality feldspar houses the tantric union of Sunstone and Moonstone together as one. Reflective of a true marriage made in Heaven, the beauty of these polished orbs is breathtaking. As you turn the stone in the light, blue and red flashes peek out from silky ivory landscapes. It’s a kaleidoscope of communication from the Earth. 

In the meridian system, there is an acupuncture point called “Sun and Moon.” The energy there lifts the soul to greater perspectives. We begin to see the field beyond right and wrong, beyond good and bad, and we begin to touch non-duality. To allow and embrace polarity, in itself, is an evolution to higher consciousness. Sunstone Moonstone offers you this connection with the Dao. 

To us, the Earth’s gift of Sunstone Moonstone is a message that the intensity of polarities here will be the very forces that catalyze the birth of the new Unified New Earth. It is truly a harbinger of collective awakening.

In healing and alter craft, work with Sunstone Moonstone to free yourself from right and wrong thinking, and to elevate consciousness to the higher perspectives in the field of Unity. 

This new feldspar from Tanzania also strengthens or restores your direct sovereign connection to Source or the Oneness. This direct cord from your heart to the Heart of All, is the seed from which the rainbow crystalline grid around your body and soul sprouts from. 

Sunstone Moonstone also offers the mercy, forgiveness and unconditional love of Sunstone (masculine) merged with the Holy walk of listening, intuition, and surrender to the flow of life given by Moonstone (feminine). These are pure high-vibrational stones with no limitations. The field of all possibilities awaits you.


We unfortunately can not take requests for individual stones seen in the pictures. The pictures are meant to express different examples of how your kit of 5 might look.

International customers are responsible for any customs fees/import taxes.

Please see our Lost Package Policy prior to placing your order. 


Please contact us at with any questions.


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