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Almost Wholesale Tourmaline Kit - 001
Almost Wholesale Tourmaline Kit - 001
Almost Wholesale Tourmaline Kit - 001
Almost Wholesale Tourmaline Kit - 001

Almost Wholesale Tourmaline Kit - 001


Description: This listing is for the exact Almost Wholesale Tourmaline kit pictured.

Weight: Approx. 2.55g for whole kit


This is a very special listing you will not find anywhere else in the world. While supplies last, we can offer you these kits of rare tourmaline in our favorite display cases at ‘almost wholesale’ prices because you’re purchasing in bulk! You can use these for crystal grids, elixirs, on acupuncture points, in jewelry or art, give them as special gifts, or even resell them individually to patients or clients. Every kit is completely unique, so pick out your favorite while they last.

Red Tourmaline goes to the heart. They are all powerful for healing the deepest emotional and spiritual layers within the heart. Tourmaline is the quintessential stone for healing trauma, tragedy and loss at the level of the heart. They are master heart healers and can bring us back to life after devastating heartbreaks. They have the spirit of gifted and absolutely devoted healers. They will give you their all. They restore us in hope, possibilities, miracles and love. They help us resurrect and have faith. They feed that belief to the human heart. Together, your heart and your tourmaline are an undefeatable team.

Tourmalines clear heat from the heart and blood which relieves tension and spiritual pain. They calm the spirit. They are excellent for heartbreaks that are entangled with trauma (shock, fright, freeze) and will bring the essence of warm nurturing love to slowly unfreeze the heart and the blood. Perfect for PTSD, sadness, breakups, and despair. They are Master healers for anxiety, nightmares, panic attacks and depression. Imagine an oak tree that will stand by your side, be your heart when yours is broken, and nurture you back to life. They are perfect paired with lepidolite, pink calcite, rose quartz and hematoid rose quartz. The human heart will prevail and return to love!

For more on these, you may consider taking our online class, Stones for the Heart. You’ll learn a lot more.

Value Guide: These are whole tourmaline crystals that are pure and untreated. This gives them a much higher value than chips or synthetically altered tourmalines. If you see lower prices out there, that’s probably why. In general, tourmaline crystals are skyrocketing in value because they are becoming harder and harder to find. Even folks who have spent their whole lives in the tourmaline trade are experiencing greatly diminishing sources. Many tourmalines on the market are coming from private collections now.  All types of tourmaline have skyrocketed in value.

Mineral enthusiasts were once the only buyers. Now, as we are awakening to tourmaline’s profound healing potentials, healers have joined the market. We purchase in bulk which allows us to offer fair prices for such valuable tourmalines. These are truly the Earth’s precious treasures and we feel proud to uphold their increasing value and get them out of dusty boxes in collector’s basements and into the hands of healers and crystal lovers. Please enjoy (and cherish forever!)

Policies and Disclaimers:

All of our stones and crystals are pure and natural. They are free from synthetic treatments of any kind, including dyes, stabilizers, and synthetic heat treatments to enhance color.


International customers are responsible for any customs fees/import taxes.


Please see our Lost Package Policy prior to placing your order. 

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