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Ancient India Crystal - 007
Ancient India Crystal - 007
Ancient India Crystal - 007
Ancient India Crystal - 007
Ancient India Crystal - 007
Ancient India Crystal - 007

Ancient India Crystal - 007


Description: This listing is for the exact Ancient Quartz from India pictured.

Weight: Approx.  878g


These beautiful, powerful natural quartz crystals are from only one place on Earth: a power spot in southern India. This is an enchanted land that holds the essence of regeneration and the codes of life. When other areas around this land go into drought, this land never does. A small parcel is owned by our dear friend in India, and his family has discovered many ancient quartz crystals in the area and in the rivers. The quartz here holds the unique power spot energies. People come from all over to retrieve the quartz in the river (See our listing for Mystical River Quartz).

This very small collection of rough natural points brings you the perfect choice for: creating a staff or wand, working with this as one of the master stones in your healing room, working with this as one of the master crystals in your home, or for your land, ceremonies or rituals. Massive energy is connected to these crystals. Things beyond what we understand and things we are blessed to hold and experience. These are mystifying, exquisite, and super alive crystals. There is so much love in these.

Our supplier for these, the Indian man who harvests these, told me, “The biggest mistake of my life was cutting the tips of these to come to more focused points. When I was young and didn’t know any better. It was the biggest mistake of my life. Because as I have been with them over time, and watched them self-heal, I know they are alive. And I would never ever cut them again.”


He also massages real sandalwood oil into every crystal that he taps from a small sandalwood branch. If you know sandalwood, you know how this whole Ancient India Crystals experience resides at the heights of holy. 

(Please examine individual photos for the information you need on the aesthetics, colors, mineral additions and uniqueness of each crystal. Each one is different).

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