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Black Tourmaline Sphere - 018
Black Tourmaline Sphere - 018
Black Tourmaline Sphere - 018
Black Tourmaline Sphere - 018

Black Tourmaline Sphere - 018


Description: This listing is for the exact Black Tourmaline Sphere pictured.

Weight: Approx.  476g

Diameter: Approx. 65.9mm


Gorgeous solid Black Tourmaline ripples around the landscape of this powerful sphere. Black Tourmaline is strongly protective through its impenetrable opacity. It’s also absorbent because the black color absorbs all colors on the visible light spectrum, holding them inside. The sphere cut adds another dimension: Spheres absorb vibrational information from all vectors in wholeness. When you bring together the strengthening and chelating properties of Tourmaline, the absorbent properties of the black color, and the antenna in all directions of the sphere cut, you have a perfect choice for what I sometimes call an “Out Stone.” This is a stone that is placed in the home for the purpose of absorbing dense, dark or heavy energy, and moving it out,  thereby cleaning and transmuting the vibrational space in all directions. In ancient Hindu writings, we are taught to hold powerful black stones in our hands to “decharge” and release the frequency we absorb. It’s the exact same thing, but these natural pieces can decharge an entire room or home. We will send you a small stand so it can become a space vibrational tool for you.

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