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Chrysocolla Medicine Piece- 007
Chrysocolla Medicine Piece- 007
Chrysocolla Medicine Piece- 007
Chrysocolla Medicine Piece- 007
Chrysocolla Medicine Piece- 007
Chrysocolla Medicine Piece- 007

Chrysocolla Medicine Piece- 007


Description: This listing is for the exact Chrysocolla pictured.

Weight: Approx. 15.34g

Size: Approx. 59.3mm x 34mm x 8.9mm


Note that these minerals are light, gentle and soft and will need to be handled with care.

Mother Earth has a moment of such sweet artistry with these natural stunning Chrysocolla. Rarely will you find this vivid color in natural minerals. If kings, queens and holy people had greater access to this throughout history, they would be lavishly adorned with it, perhaps even more than Lapis Lazuli. The richness of color is the key. It’s a beautiful study in the bioenergetic physics of light and color.

The blue-green vibration transmits the fertile ground for new or resurrected life. It’s the primal impulse for life re-emerging after death or dormancy. It is purely the hope of renewal. Think of the sea floor, brimming with life in the creation of coral reefs. Or the heart of Gaia that provides the pure creation codes for the animal, mineral and plant kingdoms - Her blessing to not only survive, but to thrive again. 

We use this shakti power for the liver and kidneys specifically because they are the root of life within us. 

One example is the use of Chrysocolla as a powerful transformational tool for sexual trauma or abuse. These can cause an alchemical death and this affects the kidney and liver channels. Creation, fertility, reproduction, and rich vitality can become plugged up after abuse. This is the same system that we use to birth our art, power, sexuality and creative energy. Chrysocolla has the color, origin story and chemical composition needed to bring us back to life. If you’re drawn to this color, you may have experienced a death or period of darkness and you’re ready for the creation codes of hope, renewal and new life. Receive that beautiful natural support. 

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